Blockchain Experts

IMB develops blockchain technology to provide efficiency, security, trust, accountability, and scalability to digital systems.


  • E-Commerce
  • Global Remittances
  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Supply Chain
  • E-Signature
  • Loyalty Points
  • Asset Exchange
  • Document Sharing


  • Budget Accountability
  • Government Programs
  • E-Auction
  • Lands Registry
  • Public Records
  • Identity Management
  • Aid Distribution
  • E-Voting


  • Digital Banking
  • Exchange

Custom Dev

  • Blockchain
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Hardware
  • Data Analytics
  • Security

IMB does complex blockchain projects that redefine industries.


Leverage development partnerships to deploy the best talent in the world.

Provide full-stack blockchain development.

Deliver scalable platforms for long-term solutions rather than products of limited use.

Understand the full complexity of a given system in order to provide simplicity for its users.

Customized Solution

Each blockchain has its pros and cons.  With teams specializing in different blockchains, IMB can solve for client requirements rather than force a specific platform to fit client needs.

Learn the Basics
of Blockchain

A blockchain is a distributed database of all transactions in a given system. If set up correctly, such a platform is cryptographically secure, scalable, tamper-proof, and efficient.  It could be open to all or set up with granular access and transparency.  Automatically tracking a transaction across its life-cycle can greatly reduce errors, wasteful spending, and the costly bureaucracy of bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing.

eMoney – Mobile Banking

The OpenBank eMoney platform was created by a team of professional bankers, bank software developers, blockchain and security experts to extend a bank’s electronic money capabilities and significantly reduce (by 90%) the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a banking system that processes e-money.

Replicating the functionality of PayPal, banks can allow customers and merchants to complete purchases and send funds to friends and family with a phone or customer facing terminal.  Functions include mobile wallets, shopping, peer-to-peer payments, invoicing, bill payment, pre-paid cards, local currency exchange, etc.

Government Efficiency

IMB Wealth Technology delivers enterprise blockchain systems for e-commerce, finance, logistics, and other industries.  However, the efficiency, transparency, and accountability benefits of blockchain technology can be best utilized by public services, many of which are notoriously inefficient.  Eliminating wasteful bureaucracy through next generation technology can save billions of dollars, which can be better spent on education, infrastructure, tax breaks, and other important goals.  IMB is focused on working with governments on this effort.


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